About Pintoo

Pintoo – The puzzlebilities are endless

Previously the world-renowned puzzle and game manufacturer Universal Master (or more commonly called Unima), the young and energetic Pintoo Corp was established in 2008. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that never cease to amaze, and an R&D powerhouse that spills creativity into everything it touches, in merely two years time Pintoo has become the world's leading puzzle and game brand, distinguished by its sheer beauty, creativity and originality.

Our mission of bringing to the world new definitions of jigsaw puzzle experience that borders on limitless "puzzlebilities", is firmly rooted in our belief that traditional jigsaw puzzle is one of few simplest yet most original and effective games which combines educational fun and mind-twisting challenges shareable among friends and families in all seasons.

Pintoo, with its signature imagination and creativity, strives to enrich these core elements while at the same time injecting new life and ideas made possible by its untiring R&D and technology advances. What comes out of Pintoo's product design house is puzzle that is more than just a puzzle -something that is closer to life with a scent of art and an extra dose of excitement that bring more joy to you than any other jigsaw puzzle games you have ever played.

2009 Pintoo steal the spotlight at an international toy fair with its revolutionary Showpiece™ jigsaw puzzle.
2008 Pintoo founded - new company, new brand, new vision.
2004 The 60-inch 3D-JP puzzle giant proudly showcased at the January Hong Kong Toy Fair was confirmed by Guinness to be the world's largest spherical puzzle.
2002 Making its first appearance in the world at a Hong Kong International Toy Fair, Unima's 3D-JP spherical puzzle stunned and left every visitor speechless. Orders shipped to every corner on the globe.
2001 After years of R&D, the first hollow and spherical jigsaw puzzle was born, and was given the name 3D-JP (3-Dimensional Jigsaw Puzzle)

Our Mission

No venture, no gain. The advance of science is made through scientific revolutions that dramatically change the paradigm and re-define what we perceive and believe to be the norm - and our motto is just that. By paying a little extra attention to details in the surroundings of our life so common that we always tend to neglect; by thinking and re-thinking what we now have, what we want to have and what the technology allows us to have; and by dealing with problems and issues from new angles and perspectives looking for solutions, alternatives, implications, breakthroughs - our mission at Pintoo is to challenge the conventions, to explore the possibilities, or "puzzlebilities" - a term that we coined for the birth of our new Pintoo brand, and to re-create, re-define and re-engineer jigsaw puzzles.

Why Pintoo

The key shortcoming of traditional jigsaw puzzles that came to set our R&D agenda way back in the late 20th century, is their constraints that limit the presentation of aesthetic qualities that are often so dynamic and so vibrant, to a flat, static, earthbound matter of fixed-size paper board that frays, delaminates and ages too easily.

Pintoo set out to achieve its aim and succeeded in the introduction of new vehicles that do no less than its predecessors, but convey the breathtaking aesthetic qualities of the original arts in an excitingly clever way that would never limit itself as with traditional jigsaw puzzle. Made possible by cutting-edge computerized algorithms for image manipulation, patented connection pieces that allow for free extension or reduction on the size of the jigsaw puzzle depending on the game, and, last but not least, sturdy and long-lasting yet economical and eco-friendly plastic materials as the foundation of all production, Pintoo's jigsaw puzzle products are no less dynamic and vibrant as the original arts presented, built with greater flexibility, presentability, user-friendliness, ease of move and carry, and, as a result, carry a much higher value to you and all jigsaw puzzle lovers alike.

Not only that Pintoo brings you the most famous and talk-about creations by prominent legendary giants in art history such as Da Vinci, we also feature exquisite, refreshing artworks by amazingly talented rising and future stars of the fine art and illustration world, carefully selected by Pintoo's art licensing veterans. Come and experience the new Puzzlebilities!

Values & Vision

In its own right, despite being a highly successful and popular product enjoying a long tradition in history and the inevitable warm welcome of every toy store, mom-n-pop specialty shop, discount outlets and large department chains, traditional jigsaw puzzle is fun and challenging yet has an unmeasurable potential to advance over time in the way computer technology does.

At Pintoo we strive to change, to invent, and to create. With our leading manufacture technology and R&D, our strong belief that jigsaw puzzle is not an end in itself but a key that opens up a world of new gaming possibilities, and our unshakable mindset that "Quality Saves You Money", Pintoo's products proudly showcase impeccable quality, creativity and originality, as evident in our 3D-JP Puzzle Spheres, Puzzle Cylinders, Puzzle Eggs, Puzzle Pyramids and Pintoo Showpieces™, to name but a few. We take jigsaw puzzle technology to untouched heights while maintaining its core feature of a tiling puzzle.

Already an industry leader in jigsaw puzzle manufacturing, Pintoo strives to re-define jigsaw puzzle such that history will not only tell our children that Pintoo makes Puzzles, but Pintoo IS Puzzle, and Puzzle is as defined by Pintoo Showpiece™, the new generation of jigsaw puzzles. By constantly reaching out to the limitless puzzlebilities, we at Pintoo work magic to produce refreshing and exciting new jigsaw puzzle products not only for the puzzle-loving minority, but for the fun-loving and challenge-loving majority.