This page is intended for distributors. For consumer support please visit consumer support page.

Pintoo currently distributes Pintoo puzzles through distributors in over 20 countries worldwide. Pintoo continues to look for new distributors in new areas around the world.

For more information, please feel free to download our latest product catalogue. You may also contact us by entering your questions in the form below. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Pintoo is an active exhibitor in several international trade shows. Please see exhibitions page for more information.

For frequently asked questions and answers, please see our FAQ section.

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2021/10/10 Catalogue-2021.10

This catalogue contains the latest products and designs up to the dated listed on the left. It also includes a brief introduction to our product categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am interested in importing Pintoo puzzles. Can you send me a price list? What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is USD 3,000. For pricing information, please send us a message in the Contact Us page. Please provide a short description of your company, the items that you are interested in and how you plan to market them.

2. I am interested in becoming an exclusive distributor in my region. Is this possible? What are the requirements?

This is possible if there is not already a distributor in your area. Please send us a message in the Contact Us page. Please provide a short description of your company and describe the area in which you intend to distribute Pintoo puzzles.

3. I would like to use my artwork on Pintoo puzzles. Is this possible? What are the requirements?

A higher minimum order quantity would apply. Please send us a message in the Contact Us page.

4. I have an idea for a new shape of 3D puzzle. Can this idea be made by Pintoo? What are the costs?

New shapes are exciting but usually very difficult to realize due to their high development costs. To justify this high cost, the quantity sold in the first year usually need to be more than 10,000pcs for simplest design, and much more for advanced designs. Let us know your thoughts by writing us a message in the Contact Us page.

5. I am interested in offering photo puzzles to my customers. Can Pintoo produce this for me?

Pintoo currently does not offer photo puzzle or other custom made images at low quantity (fewer than a few hundred units).

6. I like the designs shown in the Taiwanese website, but they are not shown here in the international site. Can I order these?

The designs not shown in the international site are not available for ordering. These designs are either too old, thus discontinued, or under market testing, or not available due to other licensing agreements.